Who is GGV+Naturals?



max tapper owner of ggv naturals cbd

GGV Naturals was started in 2018 by owner Max Tapper, a lifelong cannabis lover, and 20 year veteran of the fitness and entertainment industry. As an elite level personal trainer Max got the opportunity to change countless people's lives through health and fitness, and as an athlete and  fitness model, he also learned what it was like to push your body to the limit. “ There were days where I was popping 8 Advils after a workout,'' says Max,”and I knew it wasn't safe but I had no choice, what were my options?”. Then after hearing about cannabidiol and its amazing Pain relief properties, he knew he had to try it.  Within minutes of this first dose he was shocked by how well it worked and how he felt even better the next day. He immediately knew he had to share the amazing health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) with those out there just like him looking for a natural pain solution. That’s when GGV+Naturals was born!  Max believes when there is something so naturally powerful and good for you it must be shared. The GGV+Naturals mission is to change the stigma associated with cannabis and educate the public on its important history and the many health benefits of this beautiful plant. With more high potency CBD products on the way, GGV+Naturals want to put the power back in your hands...The Natural way


At GGV+Naturals We don’t use inferior European hemp or CBD isolate in our products to ensure you get the very best experience.  Each extraction is tested by a third party laboratory to ensure potency, cleanliness, and safety.

Our CBD products have less than .03% THC so they will not get you high.

Max is also the owner of Green Giant Vapes a cannabis accessory company