Ultimate Hemp Pet Formula 500mg - GGVNaturals
Ultimate Hemp Pet Formula 500mg - GGVNaturals
Ultimate Hemp Pet Formula 500mg - GGVNaturals
Ultimate Hemp Pet Formula 500mg - GGVNaturals


Ultimate Hemp Pet Formula 500mg

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We all love our Pets and hate to see them age or be stressed. Ultimate Hemp Pet Formula is specifically made to help our favorite four legged friend find relief.  It's great for older pets with arthritic and inflamed joint, and exactly what they need to help them feel relaxed when you walk out the door.  CBD has been shown to be as effective in pets as it is in humans.  Help them live their best life.

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cbd for pets

Our Pet Formula is made with all organic ingredients.

Non-Flavored so it can be added to your pets food or drink

500mg of full spectrum hemp extract in nothing but Organic hemp seed oil.  ( Hypo-allergenic)

Each 1oz bottle contains over 100 servings of 5mg

Each full 1ML dropper = 40 drops (16.7mg of CBD)

Each drop of Ultimate Hemp Pet is = .42mg of CBD

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The suggested dosage is .25mg of CBD per 1lb of bodyweight (BW x .25)

So a 20lb dog ( 20lbs x .25 = 5 ) would need 5mg of CBD or 12 Drops of ultimate Hemp


Dosage Chart

1-10lbs - 1-6 drops

10-20lbs - 6-12 drops

20-30lbs - 12-18 drops

30-40lbs - 18-24 drops

40-50lbs - 24-30 drops

50-60lbs - 30-36 drops

60-70lbs - 36-42 drops


Ultimate Hemp Pet Formula

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This stuff is good! 5 Stars!

if i could give Ultimate hemp pet formula 10 stars i would. it has worked wonders for Bolo and Mayhem my two dogs. they are so much more calm and relaxed...

thank you thank you

since using ultimate hemp pet formula my doberman has been a different dog. its like a time warp hes acting like a young pup. all i can say is thank you

Like Magic!

my dog is crazy anxious and goes crazy when I try to leave the house. After giving him Ultimate hemp pet formula he has been so much calmer and chill. Hes not chasing his tail like he used. It actually helps me relax better knowing hes relaxed

My Lab loves this CBD oil!

My lab has been having lots of hip pain and has slowed down quite considerably in the last 6 months. shes 12 years old and i started giving her Ultimate hemp pet formula about 2 weeks ago. its mind blowing that she looks like a young dog again running and jumping around and shes so happy. im sold on this stuff! Thank you guys